FAQs for Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy


What does cash-based physical therapy mean?

Essentially, this means that we are a physical therapy clinic that does not go through insurance companies.  Our patients pay us directly each visit for the one hour session of personalized 1-on-1 manual-based physical therapy.  It allows us to treat patients as we see fit without being dictated by insurance rules and regulations.

Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy does not accept health insurance at all?

We do not directly accept health insurance.  At the end of each visit, the patient pays us for the services.  However, if the patient contacts his/her health insurance and learns that he/she has out of network benefits, then we are able to supply receipts for our patients to turn in to the insurance companies.  Some of our patients have gotten up to 75% back by doing so.

Does cash-based mean I can only pay with cash?

Our patients are able to pay with cash if they so choose but we also accept major credit and debit cards as well as personal checks.

What is the price for a physical therapy session?

The first session is an evaluation and is $120.  Any subsequent sessions are $75 each.

Why did Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy decide to provide cash based physical therapy in Saint Augustine?

It is a very real reality in the healthcare industry that insurance companies are continually cutting reimbursement rates per patient.  With the decline in reimbursement, many clinics are encouraging physical therapists to see more patients over the course of the day, decreasing the time of personalized 1-on-1 care with the patients.  With a cash based practice, we are able to decide how we want to treat patients as we are not regulated by the insurance companies.  This allows us to provide 1-on-1 care for our patients over the course of the one hour treatment session with the same physical therapist every time.

Why are you unable to perform physical therapy with patients who have Medicare Part B but are able to provide them with personal training and Annual Check-ups?

Unfortunately, Medicare guidelines dictate that those covered under Medicare Part B must see a Medicare provider for physical therapy services.  Therefore, we are unable to treat individuals with Medicare insurance for physical therapy services.  However, services that are not provided by Medicare such as health, fitness and wellness we are able to see patients for in our non-Medicare provider setting.  Thus, we can see patients for personal training and wellness activities including our Annual Check-ups that we offer to help guide people in ensuring that they are healthy physically, mentally and socially.

Do I have to be a member of Anastasia Fitness to be a patient with Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy?

We are located inside Anastasia Fitness at 1045 Anastasia Blvd. Suite 101 St. Augustine, FL 32080 however, our patients do not have to be a member of the club to be seen in physical therapy.  Our physical therapy practice inside of the club allows us to make use of the equipment that it provides and allows for a smoother transition after discharge.

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