Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy

At Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy in St. Augustine, FL we are lucky enough to work at a physical therapy practice fully prioritizes getting our patients better and back to their everyday life as soon as possible.  It’s not a cookie cutter approach by any means but rather individualized to each patient.  We see our patients for a full hour 1-on-1 with the same physical therapist every time.  Our emphasis is on hands-on manual physical therapy supplemented by exercise.

We also offer specialty programs such as Refine Your Run, Bounce Back From Baby, sports injury and prevention, athletic performance training and FREE injury screens.  These programs are specifically designed to improve your wellness, reach your fitness goals, prevent injuries and/or get back to the activities you love .

Our philosophy includes ensuring that we always have our patient’s best interest in mind when treating, which allows us to decrease pain and improve function quickly and effectively. But don’t just take out word for it, hear from our patients by checking out the Testimonials!

A recent study by the American Physical Therapy Association further reinforced what we already knew to be true: cash-based physical therapy is actually better for you as a patient and for your pocket! Check out our Cash vs. Insurance page to see just how much you can save at VASPT.

Or check out any of the variety of services we offer including: Physical Therapy, Refine Your Run, Bounce Back from Baby, Annual Checkups, Strength & ConditioningComplimentary Injury Screens, Gymnastics & Dance Injury Prevention Assessments


Sports Physical Therapy