Vighetti and Associates Sports Physical Therapy is a small clinic dedicated to our patients’ painfree happiness and performance.  What better way to prove that, then hearing testimonials from past and current patients themselves:

“Steve was the best PT I ever had take my pain away. I recommend him to all my friends!” – Mary

“Ever since I had a child a few years ago, I’ve experienced frequent hip pain while running that often sidelined me for a month or more each time it would flare up. I knew there was an underlying issue, since it would continually happen. I finally made an appointment with Steve Vighetti and right away I knew I made a great decision. Steve focused on teaching me how to build up strength in areas that were weakened by the pregnancy and improve my form. I had a lot of “homework”, but that’s where the benefit is — retraining your body over time to so you can get back to doing the things you love and being your best self, without pain. I would highly recommend Vighetti & Associates!” – Kara

I can not recommend Vighetti and Associates enough. I spent four months in a different PT with little to no results on a neck and back injury. Out of work and on the couch until I found Vighetti and associates. Individual care and they get to know you! They become family–shoutout Megan for unbelivable care and getting me back into the gym and work. If you are in need of physical therapy dont look any further. 11/10! – Ted


“I approached Steve Vighetti for physical therapy after many years of chiropractic care and pain in my lower back and knees. The pain associated with these two areas had limited my activities to the point where only mild, very controlled exercise was permitted. Being a very athletic person this had a very negative effect on my standard of living. When I first met with Steve he asked me, “What do you want to do?” I said, I would like to surf, play volleyball and basketball again. He immediately started me on a strengthening program with deep tissue work aimed at reaching my goals and getting me back to where I would like to be.  The results have been astonishing! I not only have begun playing all three sports again but my athletic agility has increased. I’m faster and stronger due to the program Steve implemented for me and I’m playing more often than ever! I would recommend Steve Vighetti to anyone suffering pain and/or physical limitations; he has made a huge difference in my life. If you’re are tired of living with pain or just getting by, go see Steve.  He’ll get you straightened out!” -Joe

“Week 1 of Bounce Back From Baby has been a blast! Really looking forward to a healthy, fit, pregnancy.  Thanks SO much Steve & Kris!” -Angela

“I started working with Steve based on a friend’s recommendation. My back had gotten to the point where I couldn’t sleep due to the pain; my workouts were also affected and I was beginning to think I was becoming another middle-aged statistic rather than being able to continue to be an athlete. I was pretty shocked when Steve said right from the beginning that if my goal was also to add running back into my program, he was confident it would happen. So I fully committed to his expertise and recommendations. Four months later, and I won’t lie – it has been a LOT of work, I am actually not just back to run/walking (just started a week ago), but also just completed a week-long 500-mile bicycle trip, with almost no pain. I am so grateful to Steve for his professionalism, patience and motivational abilities. I’m pretty injury-prone, so I’m sure I’ll be his patient again in the future, but he has really worked a near-miracle for me. If you’re an athlete, this is by far the most successful physical therapy practice I have ever been to. I highly recommend!” – B

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