Why You Should See Dr. Heath (Kirsten)

Recently, a letter was received from a past patient of Dr. Kirsten Heath’s, one of our physical therapists.  Without prompting or even a conversation with this patient, “Patient X” took it upon herself to write a letter regarding her interaction with Kirsten and wanted it to be known by all, despite the fact that Kirsten had moved to being full time practicing in St. Augustine, and was no longer Patient X’s physical therapist.  So with her wishes in mine, below is the letter:

RE:  Kirsten Heath, DPT Letter of Commendation

 To Whom It May Concern: 

 In 1990, I learned from my favorite boss, Frank Voehl, (total quality management guru) recognition of outstanding service is an important part of successful leadership.  My favorite job was writing letters of commendation on behalf of various bosses.  Mitigating circumstances caused a delay in the part of business I enjoy the most.  Christmastime is when I generally send personal commendation letters.  However, “better late than never” has to be my motto today…So, without further delay:

I had the extreme pleasure to meet Kirsten Heath, DPT, when she worked at In Motion Physical Therapy in Jacksonville, FL.  I had asked my doctor to refer me to a physical therapist who specialized in aqua therapy after discovering In Motion Physical Therapy utilized a pool where I go for water aerobics, (although I have not been able to do the workout in full due to chronic musculoskeletal issues).  Thanks to Dr. Heath I am gaining physical strength and beginning to do activities of daily living again.  I was sick in the bed almost six months last year.  I believe Dr. Heath’s medical expertise and guidance has been the main reason why I have been able to achieve better quality of life. 

In fact, I feel Dr. Heath is the best medical professional I have had the honor of learning from over the course of many years in this chronic musculoskeletal pain syndrome journey.  My humble opinion is based upon a lifetime of experience and having worked in the medical profession.  A couple examples of why I feel Dr. Heath is “the best of the best” is because the first time I went to a doctor for a back sprain was when I was 10 years old after falling off a galloping horse.  I worked for both orthopedic surgeons and a chiropractor way back in the late 70s.  I also worked in the medical profession for many years in other capacities to include medical transcription at Martin Memorial Medical Centers in the late 90’s early 2000s. 

The first time I had physical therapy was in 2000 at Martin Memorial Wellness Center with an exercise physiologist.  My former water aerobics teacher also was an exercise physiologist.  I’ve also been to physical therapists at Shands/University of Florida, Brooks, and a private doctor of physical therapy who specialized in ART pursuant to a car accident in 2014.

I also feel Dr. Heath has some of the best listening skills of any medical practitioner I have ever met.  Dr. Heath demonstrates the ultimate professionalism in all realms and definition of the word.  Her direction exceeds patient satisfaction. 

If the student Dr. Heath had under her direction (when I was her patient) had not been the new physical therapist to take Dr. Heath’s place I would not have continued with physical therapy.  I Thank God that I am able to continue because my sole desire is to get better.

Accordingly, please place a copy of this letter in Dr. Heath’s personnel file for future reference.


Patient X