Pregnancy Workshop


When I, Kirsten Heath, was interviewing to join Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy, a little over two years ago now, Steve talked to me about a program that he began called Bounce Back from Baby.  He was wondering if I would be willing to take over the program, seeing as I am a woman, and theoretically people should be more comfortable discussing pregnancy matters with me.  I said sureee, wanting a job and all but I wasn’t completely convinced with it at the time.  Despite no kids, and definitely no kids two years ago, I have grown to LOVE this program and this topic.  The main reason why… No one talks about pregnancy stuff.  I am not talking about the whole a human is coming out of you part.  But the “trainwreck” (a word Steve loves to use) aspect that your body is post-pregnancy and the drastic changes during pregnancy.  I have long been passionate about preventative physical therapy and I feel as though the during pregnancy and post-pregnancy area is somewhere I can truly help people.

With all that being said, below we talk about the numerous areas that are commonly affected at this time: low back, sacroiliac joint (SI), pelvic floor and overall posture (video one below).  We then move on to discuss what you should avoid while you exercise during pregnancy, immediately following birth and while breastfeeding as well as diastasis recti (video two below).  If you were in the workshop, you also learned how to assess diastasis recti and some common exercises: abdominal bracing, diaphragmatic breathing, kegels and bridges.  Handouts were given and then a group discussion followed where the attendees shared their experiences with each other.

As you learned, this is area of passion for us therefore if any comments, questions or concerns regarding these exercises please feel free to comment below, contact your local area physical therapist or if you are in the St. Augustine, FL area contact us at or 904-516-8121.