Low Back Pain


Who hasn’t experienced low back pain?  It is a common complaint by many.  Sometimes lasting a moment, other times days, and for the less fortunate months or even years.  No matter the duration, it is not fun but many a time can be treated with physical therapy.

In our Low Back Pain workshop, we discuss some of the most common diagnoses associated with low back pain.  These included low back pain from a disc in the lumbar spine, lumbar spinal stenosis and lastly based on posture.  Steve Vighetti talked about the common signs and symptoms to hopefully help you identify your low back pain and the best course of treatment.

Kirsten Heath goes on to discuss the various ways to treat the low back pain.  She primarily focused on exercises that addressed mobility, flexibility and lastly strength and endurance.  In the mobility section, she discussed the yoga pose cat/cow also known as cat/dog and how to apply it beyond the typical crawling position to help keep you mobile throughout the day.   In addition, the mobility exercises of single knee to chest and double knee to chest were illustrated.  She then went on to flexibility where she instructed in various piriformis, hip flexor and hamstring stretches that often prove valuable in the low back pain patient.  Lastly, she discussed strength/endurance exercises beginning with abdominal bracing, and the progression to heel taps, bridges, pillow lifts and kegels.

Hopefully those that attended the Low Back Pain workshop learned something informative as well as those who will view it online!  If any comments, questions or concerns regarding these exercises please feel free to comment below, contact your local area physical therapist or if you are in the St. Augustine, FL area contact us at info@vighettipt.com or 904-516-8121.