Abdominal Bracing for Back Pain

If I only have time to give my patients with back pain one exercise, it would more than likely be abdominal bracing.  Abdominal bracing is working the muscle transversus abdominis which goes from the ribs to the pelvis and wraps from the front all the way around to the back.  It is often referred to as the natural back brace and hence why I find it so important with many patients because it helps support your spine.  In the beginning, I have patients starting with just laying on their back and gradually I progress with adding movement of the arms and/or legs, and then performing the bracing in sitting, standing, and finally with all functional movements such as squats, lunges, etc as the quality and endurance improves.  Check out the video above for details on how to initially perform abdominal bracing.

abdominal bracing

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